Travel Sports - Two young men playing baseball

Travel Sports

Further Diversification for the LESMD Travel Industry

Constituting a sub-sector of the regional travel industry, travel sports and the amateur youth sports market includes gymnastics, softball, soccer, basketball, football, baseball, lacrosse, cheerleading, equestrian, and wrestling. Tournaments and events attract athletes, supporters and spectators equating to hundreds of thousands of visitors annually and creates a significant ripple effect throughout the LESMD regional economy.

By way of example, the 2019 USSSA Eastern Nationals featured tournaments between Worcester and Wicomico counties, generating in a three week period an estimated economic impact of more than $20 million and a hotel room night demand in excess of ten thousand for the LESMD Region. In 2019 Wicomico County’s tourism division supported 48 events, seeing most of its success in the amateur youth sports market. These events drew approximately 130,000 attendees, generated over 40,000 room nights, and an economic impact of $63.2M.

Strategic investment in the industry includes significant expansion of existing facilities throughout the LESMD Region.