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The Underlying Foundation of an LESMD Economic Engine

Since the 19th Century the primary natural, physical assets such as beach and bay have represented the basis for tourism in the LESMD Region. The later development of associated activities such as sponsored events and attractions such as golf have served as an additional draw. In turn, a robust hotel and restaurant, or “hospitality”, base has provided the underlying support allowing for optimization of the entire range of tourism and travel tourism-related assets and activities in the LESMD Region.

How the LESMD hotel/restaurant (hospitality) industry supports and optimizes tourism related assets:

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Hotel, restaurant, (Hospitality base)
Provides underlying support for all tourism and travel related assets




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Associated activities and attractions leveraging primary assets
Boardwalk, marina, golf courses, amusement parks, shopping, state and national parks, hunting fish excursions, sponsored events


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Primary assets (natural and cultural)
Beach, bay

The impact of Tourism on LESMD

Number of jobs the tourism industry supported in 2019
Visitors travel to LESMD in 2019

Source Tourism Economics: 2019 Economic Impact of Tourism in Maryland