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Leveraging an LESMD Industry

The LESMD Region exhibition, convention & meeting industry leverages significant existing tourism and leisure assets. Nowhere is this more evident than in Ocean City where the Roland E. Powell Convention Center, the area’s largest, benefits from adjacent assets as well as those distributed throughout the entire LESMD Region. Recent investments within the LESMD convention industry itself have included significant expansion of facilities and the addition of event-oriented venues such as a performing arts center. These strategic investments, when leveraged against the existing assets, help drive the the primary metric of success for the industry – attendance.

Existing tourism and leisure assets leveraged by the convention industry:

Hospitality Infrastructure
hotels & restaurants

Attractions and Activities
beach/boardwalk, marinas, golf courses, amusement parks, shopping, state/national parks, hunting, fishing, excursions

Sponsored Events
festivals, tournaments & rallies

A sampling of conventions held in the LESMD Region

LESMD Conventions

conventions were held at the Roland E. Powell Convention Center in 2019
individuals visited Roland E. Powell Convention Center in 2019