An image of the front of the Salisbury Regional Airport
Projects In Perspective

Extension of utilities infrastructure to the Salisbury Regional Airport Technology Park

Wicomico County | Regional Infrastructure

Extension of ISP Broadband Service to the Salisbury Airport Technology Park

Redundant/backup fiber to run from POP on Hobbs Road to airport terminal on Airport Terminal Road. An extension from the intersection of Walston Switch and
US Route 50 along Airport Terminal Road to Citation Drive

Extension of Natural Gas Line to the Salisbury Airport Technology Park

31,000 feet from Perdue Stadium along Hobbs Road to the Salisbury Airport and the Airport Technology Park.

Extension of water/sewer infrastructure to the Salisbury Airport Technology Park

Extending pressurized water line from newly installed municipal water main (completion late 2021) at junction of Fooks Road to Falcon Drive, the Airport Technology Park and future cargo area. Project to also include installation of needed sewer infrastructure by extending sewer line from existing location at cul-de-sac of Citation Drive to Falcon Drive and along future cargo area.


Sustainable, pressurized water, an extension of sewer infrastructure and improved access to broadband and natural gas will allow for proper expansion and development of the aeronautics-oriented Technology Park on the campus of the Salisbury Regional Airport (SBY), a Tier 1 regional resource. Project will encourage regional economic resiliency by buttressing both traditional and newly emerging economic sectors.