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Applied Technology Building - Wor-Wic Community College

Wicomico County | Workforce Development


A new applied technology center of 40,000 square feet will support credit programs in the college’s occupational education division, with an emphasis on applied and emerging technologies such as industrial technology, supply chain management, logistics and alternative energy, as well as current and additional continuing education and workforce development courses in the areas of transportation and industrial trades. Additional features include a makerspace multi-purpose laboratory, several specialized industrial laboratories, computer laboratory, classrooms/study spaces, conference room, offices and the information technology department.

Enhancement to the campus entrance road that will be impacted by the proposed location for the applied technology building will be included with this project. These improvements will improve traffic and pedestrian safety, reduce congestion and better integrate access to and egress from the campus.

Additional improvements will be made to the related roadways and parking lots.

Existing and Proposed Buildings - Wor Wic Community College Proposed Campus Development Plan
Existing and Proposed Buildings – Wor-Wic Community College Proposed Campus Development Plan. Photo credit: Wor-Wic Community College

The project will further strengthen the alignment of programs and courses with the needs of LESMD employers by significantly increasing the number and capacity of programs within the existing education continuum. The result will be a quantifiably better trained and educated workforce affecting a number of regional Economic Engines (link) and Aerospace on the Shore.