View of Gripper on universal robot is sorting goods and cowork with other robot on automatic conveyor by vision system in smart warehouse

Mechanical Assembly

An Integration of Industries in the LESMD Region

A number of LESMD companies combine precision machining with mechanical assembly to serve industries ranging from aerospace and military to traditional manufacturing. As with other manufacturing subsectors there exists a degree of lateral cooperation and supply networking. A small group of firms engage in the manufacture and assembly of body armor and firearms components.

LESMD educational institutions have made strides to prepare and train a local workforce to meet the needs of both the Mechanical Assembly and Precision Machining subsectors. Three technical high schools, an expanding community college and two campuses within the University of Maryland system provide a substantial resource. An increasing number of tailored educational/training programs based on input from and coordination with private LESMD industry has created a platform for the development of a local workforce specific to this subsector.

Some of the LESMD Mechanical Assembly Companies

Maryland Department of Commerce
Salisbury Wicomico Economic Development
Somerset County Economic Development Commission
Worcester County Economic Development