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Life Science

Diversification in the LESMD Region

The rise of fully integrated poultry companies in the 20th Century signaled the establishment of an animal life sciences sector in the LESMD Region. Since then it has continued to grow and develop in tandem with poultry industry and remains an an important element within the Agri-Business sector.

The 1990’s witnessed further diversification and the beginnings of an identifiable Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences cluster when additional companies, some not directly related to local agri-business, began operating in the LESMD Region. Currently the categories within this cluster include pharmaceuticals, supplements, genetics, research, supplies and instruments.

The existing LESMD Region education/training continuum provides an important resource for future workforce requirements of the Life Sciences. Over a number years coordination between LESMD educational institutions and the private sector has established a framework for course development, apprenticeships and customized training. This framework and the methodology behind it is poised and in place to support the Life Sciences sector as it continues to develop in the LESMD Region.

Some of the LESMD Cluster of Life Science Companies

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