Waiter cleaning the table with spray disinfectant on table in restaurant.

In Session – Labor

The impact of labor policy on the Economic Engine Agriculture extends to harvesting as well as the manufacturing processes associated with vertically integrated operations. In addition, the implications for the hospitality industry as a subsector of Tourism and Conventions may be felt throughout the LESMD economy.

Labor and Employment – Employment Standards During an Emergency (Maryland Essential Workers’ Protection Act)

HB0581 (SB0486)
Sponsored by: Delegate D.E. Davis


Requiring each essential employer to take certain actions related to occupational safety and health during an emergency; providing that an essential worker has the right to refuse to perform a certain task as provided under certain provisions of law; requiring essential employers to take certain steps to minimize the risk of transmission of an infectious disease; requiring essential employers to report certain test results to the Maryland Department of Health; requiring the Department to categorize and the publish the results; etc.

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In Session – Agriculture

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