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In Session – Utilities

Community Solar Energy Generating Systems – Exemption From Energy and Property Taxes

SB0264 (HB0076)
Sponsored by: Senators ElfrethMcCrayHersheyKramerAugustine, and Feldman


Exempting a community solar energy generating system that provides at least 50% of the energy it produces to low-or moderate-income customers at a cost that is at least 20% less than the amount charged by the electric company in the area and is installed on a rooftop, parking facility canopy, or brownfield from local energy taxes and personal property taxes.

Climate Solutions Now Act of 2022

Sponsored by: Senators PinskyFergusonKelleyGuzzoneSmithKagan,
FeldmanJacksonKing, and Lee


Requiring the State to reduce statewide greenhouse gas emissions through the use of various measures, including the alteration of statewide greenhouse gas emissions goals, the establishment of a net-zero statewide greenhouse gas emissions goal, the development of certain energy efficiency and electrification requirements for certain buildings, and requiring electric companies to increase their annual incremental gross energy savings through certain programs and services; etc.