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In Session – Healthcare

Preserve Telehealth Access Act of 2021

SB0003 (HB0123)
Sponsored by: Senators GriffithAugustineBeidleEckardtElfreth
EllisFergusonGuzzoneHersheyKaganKelleyReadyWashington, and West


Altering the health care services the Maryland Medical Assistance Program, subject to a certain limitation, is required to provide through telehealth; requiring that certain services provided under the Program include certain counseling and treatment; prohibiting the Program from excluding from coverage a behavioral health care service provided to a recipient in person solely because the service may be provided through telehealth; requiring the Maryland Health Care Commission to submit a certain report on telehealth; etc.

Certified Nursing Assistants – Certificate Renewal – Training Program Requirements

Sponsored by: Senator Eckardt


Altering the circumstances under which a certified nursing assistant may renew the certificate to allow the nursing assistant to provide, under certain circumstances, certain evidence of completion of a certain nursing assistant training program or a certain refresher training program as required in certain regulations adopted by the State Board of Nursing; and requiring the Board to adopt certain regulations.

Maryland Medical Assistance Program – Psychiatrist and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Telemedicine Reimbursement – Sunset Termination

SB0056 (HB0191)
Sponsored by: Senator Eckardt


Repealing the termination provisions for certain provisions of law relating to the eligibility of psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners who provide Assertive Community Treatment or mobile treatment services to Maryland Medical Assistance Program recipients in a home or community-based setting through telemedicine to receive reimbursement for the health care services from the Program.

Income Tax – Credits for Preceptors in Areas With Health Care Workforce Shortages – Eligibility and Sunset Repeal

Sponsored by: Senator Eckardt


Reducing, from 160 to 100 hours, the number of training hours that a licensed physician is required to perform in a preceptor program rotation in order to qualify for a certain credit against the State income tax; clarifying the issuance of a credit certificate in certain preceptorship programs; repealing the termination date for certain credits against the State income tax for certain individuals who serve as preceptors in certain preceptorship programs and work in areas of the State with health care workforce shortages; etc.

Income Tax – Credits for Preceptors in Areas With Health Care Workforce Shortages

Sponsored by: Senator Eckardt


Requiring that a licensed physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner work at least three rotations, with each rotation consisting of 100 hours of community-based clinical training in an area identified as having a health care workforce shortage, in order to qualify for a certain credit against the State income tax; requiring the Maryland Department of Health to issue a tax credit certificate for $1,000 for each student rotation for which certain persons served as preceptors without compensation; etc.

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