A view of the river from The Whitehaven Hotel
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Whitehaven, Maryland

Where in the LESMD Region is it located?

Whitehaven is located at the end of Whitehaven Road (MD Route 352) on the north bank of the Wicomico River.

How did it come to be?

Beginning operation in 1685, the Whitehaven Ferry is believed to be one of the oldest continuously operating ferries in the United States. By the late 19th Century Whitehaven was a vibrant riverfront community with shipyards, a canning factory, a school and church, and several stores. Whitehaven was initially developed as a land transportation hub, then later became an official port after the Wicomico River was dredged.

What is the primary economic activity?

The waterfront community is still used for fishing, oystering, and crabbing boats to this day. The iconic Whitehaven Hotel and the surrounding Whitehaven National Historic District provide locals and visitors a glimpse into quintessential Old Somerset, the original LESMD.