Culinary Arts Classroom at Somerset Technical High School

Career & Technical High Schools

Region Specific

The three career and technical high schools within the LESMD Region provide a dynamic platform in the regional educational continuum.  An expanding range of interconnected partnerships and programs firmly links them with the area’s employers and its two-year and four-year educational institutions to create an educational/training environment increasingly regional in its scope and comprehensive in its methodology.

Although program clusters offered by LESMD career and technical high schools are based on Maryland CTE programs of study, local knowledge and an intuitive understanding of regional Economic Engines are also considered. By way of example, Worcester County Office of Economic Development, in partnership with Worcester Technical High School, has recently expanded its workforce and STEM program to include a paid apprenticeship programs Skilled Trades, Agriculture, Technology and Tourism (STATT).

We encourage you to navigate to the individual career and technical high schools to explore the existing partnerships and programs and their nexus with individual sectors of the regional economy – including the LESMD Economic Engines of agriculture, healthcare, manufacturing, and tourism/conventions.