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Aquaculture & Commercial Fishing

From Beach to Bay in the LESMD Region

From early native American communities and Crisfield’s 19th Century reputation as the “Seafood Capital of the World” to 21st Century regulated management practices – oysters, blue crabs and striped bass (rockfish) have formed the backbone of commercial fishing operations in the LESMD Region. Aquaculture, often referred to as farming the water, serves as an important role in sustainable seafood production and the preservation of the natural aquatic ecosystem.

The LESMD Region as a seafood and aquaculture producer annually contributes over $120 million to the state economy (34% of state Seafood and Aquaculture impact), supports 988 jobs (29.6% of state Seafood and Aquaculture job impact), and adds over $4 million in combined state and local tax revenue (29.6% of state Seafood and Aquaculture tax impact). See The Impact of Resource Based Industries on the Maryland Economy 2018.

Some of the LESMD Aquaculture & Commercial Fishing Companies

Market Value of Products Sold, $

Silhouette of Somerset County
Silhouette of Wicomico County
Silhouette of Worcester County

Source: Delmarva Index Infographic – USDA Agricultural Census, 2017